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W.J. “Jim” Lane
Mayor of Scottsdale

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When spring training arrives in downtown Scottsdale each year it seems like people smile a bit more. Hope is in the air. Families fill our parks. And businesses ring with new customers. That’s a lot like the story of our Mayor. But the first chapters sure didn’t start that way.

You see, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane was first elected during the darkest days of our greatest recession. He was a businessman promising to awaken the city from a malaise, and captain the community through some of its toughest times. Crime was up, revenues were down and cities all around were increasing taxes and slashing services. But that wouldn’t be Mayor Lane’s approach. So he got to work, with reform, and resolve.

Crime is down, and so is the size of Scottsdale government. But the size of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is up, a lot. And Scottsdale taxpayers were saved tens of millions of dollars thanks to the city’s innovative approach.

jim-lane-2Jobs have expanded from north to south, from SkySong to thousands of skilled health-care practitioners in the Cure Corridor. Being pro-business means residents have the resources, and so does the city, to protect neighborhoods and taxpayers.

Older areas are revitalizing, neighborhoods are beautifying, our arts remain vibrant, and our big special events that anchor Scottsdale tourism? They’re as impressive as ever…and will be staying for the long term. Scottsdale’s amazing, optimistic spirit is more alive than ever.

But for some of our fellow citizens, times remain tough. This is where the civic ethic of Mayor Lane shines for Scottsdale yet again. This is where he remains focused on making it spring every season for every resident. For years State of the City addresses by our Mayors were, to put it bluntly, pretty boring. Talk by politicians, for politicians.

But then Operation Fix-It, a city program designed to help those who are having trouble helping themselves, became the event’s beneficiary. Nearly $100,000 has been raised. This is Scottsdale at its best.

And Scottsdale at its best is why national recognition keeps pouring in for a government efficiently run, parks superbly operated and a commitment to a quality of life second to none. These achievements and this respect are perhaps some of the reasons why Mayor Lane was just elected by his peers to be Chairman of the top transportation planning organization in the Valley.

If it can be said Jim Lane became Mayor during some of our toughest times, there’s little doubt his leadership has meant better times for Scottsdale. Now, he would like to lead us to the best of times


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